S.O.D. 2017 Bernina Software training

Welcome to School Of Digitizing (S.O.D.)
Bernina Software training

How School of Digitizing Classes work?

  1. We have all our classes on the Best Online Training platform namely “Udemy”. As approved and acknowledged Udemy instructors we are moving all our Bernina Software classes from Bernina Software ver 5 up to Bernina Software ver 8. on this site you will find our shopping cart which will take you to the Udemy Class with a Special Discount coupon.
  2. These classes are on Udemy and you get the link to download each class in the last lecture op each class.
  3. We offer support via Udemy direct messages, Skype and Facebook.


To view the more than 49 Bernina classes on Udemy with more than 1400 students.


Click on the link above.