Bernina Software Tutorial: Multihooping and Splitting My own way

Bernina Software Tutorial: Multi hooping and Splitting My own way

We have the auto multihooping and splitting options
in our Bernina Software.

However sometimes a design with solid fill stitches are a bit
fussy when it comes to splitting.

O yes, like all things in life, we have choices,
even if it is by-passing the rules, and this is
fun and so creative, you just will not fear purchasing
beautiful large designs any more, as the only
limits in embroidery machines, does not matter what
size is the hoop is:
The lack of a powerful software program like our Bernina Software
The lack of imagination which:
and even you feel you do not have any imagination (
which is not true)  but until you believe it:
why not use those of people who are prepare to share.

 Bernina Software: No auto splitting tools?

In the Hoop layout heading, if you click there
you will find more than one way of using your
multi hooping plus the split line in Bernina Software.
My experience on designs like the one we used,
and this is a design Hilary purchased from
Embroiderly Library, and therefore I will share
the class info but not the design as I do
respect copyright.  

The design is created with solid fills, and layers
of fill stitches, which can end up with the normal
multi hooping functions to so many (I have not tried
this one but something similar before, and I ended
up having to multi hoop about 12 times as each layer
of stitches split not the same in Bernina Software.
So I fiddled and let my mind go a lot, and due to
my Embird experience I tried something crazy –

In the Bernina Software class I am sharing with you
the most amazing and follow the steps 100percent
will give you a flawless end result.
Even flaws that might come up: I am sharing quick
fixes with you.

Yes you will find it easy to follow with your Bernina

Software as we go

You can download this class even if you are not a
member of this group and even if you only have the
Editor plus program of the Bernina Software 

you will be able to use this.

As you can see in the Image of this Bernina Software tutorial:

You will realize we did not do a color
fix, the color chart came with the design, and the
main design has some of the correct colors in,
as this was not the theme of the class, and time was
against us I just did a quick explanation of how
to do so, and it is easy, I trusted that everyone
will be able to do so themselves. It is much needed
to get your colors correct: and to be honest: this
is also in the eye of the beholder.
Bernina Software

It is vital you watch all this training videos
as well as follow the instructions regarding our way

of teaching Bernina Software.

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 For more about Bernina Software, call back as we
add a new class every week, and keep you informed
about all techniques and know how’s in Bernina